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My Book 

"I Like It Cuz It's Pink" explores romantic, self, and familial love in evocative and inspiring language. It is a feminist manifesto, toppling the notion that women should be anything but ferociously themselves. It wanders through the darkness of not-enoughness in romantic relationships. Dives headfirst into the warm, sultry waters of self-love. Sinks sharp teeth into poverty and inter-generational not-knowing. It is a work of art, a labor of love, and a tribute to every woman who has ever felt like she is less. You are endlessly, irrefutably beautiful. Flaws and all. You simply have to believe it.

I like it cuz it’s pink



cotton candy bubblegum roses and rosé

flamingos grapefruit lollipops

half-washed blood stains

on a pale pink thong

my lips his lips her lips


pink panther Pink Floyd pretty in pink

Valentine’s Day heart-shaped declarations of

luv u 4ever babe bmine

I like it cuz it’s pink he said between my legs

like a good boy

kissing it licking it flicking it

none of it felt great but I also didn’t hate it

liked the way his mouth tasted after we finished

pink eyes pink lies the pink t-shirt I was wearing

when he promised me

I will love you forever

the way his mouth quivered

the way my spine shivered

the way I learned words

don’t mean a damn thing

there’s a rare pink river dolphin in South America

endangered by humans dumping shit in our water

opening our mouths and closing our eyes

surprised when we see something gorgeous

surprised that anything we do

could lead to our demise

I like it cuz it’s pink

I whispered in his ear

the Christmas he bought me a beryl stone necklace

shaped like an S for my name

he thought I’d adore some narcissistic jewelry

and I do, or I did before I threw it in the river

after he left, stomped on me

like a pink starburst wrapper

stuck to the sole of a shoe

spit chewed and swallowed

like a stork swallows fish

whole and squirming all the way down

he promised if I jumped high enough

and dove into him

I’d find a rare pink river dolphin

swimming in his chest

I like it cuz it’s red

he whispered the night

he carved out my heart and bit it

his lips turning pinkish like they always did

when I kissed him with lipstick

pink matter pink salt pink lemonade

pretty in pink Valentine’s Day heart-shaped

declarations of luv u 4ever babe bmine

- Sarah McMahon

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