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Things I'm Thankful For



the ability to forgive

the inability to forget


good friends who soften hard falls and pick me up gently

the ability to run and move joyously and freely

the sound, smell, mystery of the ocean

mountains that challenge my body and my assumptions of strength and beauty

books/people/ideas that challenge my knowledge of the world and inspire me to grow


teachers who are fierce and loving and selfless

the safety of my home and everything in it

the country I live in, for its freedoms and pitfalls

the policeman who walked me to my car from the bar so I would feel safe

the therapists and friends who made my recovery possible




food, water, electricity, and all the comforts I take for granted

my ability to earn money and provide for myself

trust, finding new ways to water it and watch it grow

sadness, so I can recognize real happiness


the yoga teacher who helped me re-discover self-love

the coaches and teammates who helped me believe in myself

feminism, and any movement toward greater equality

podcasts and audiobooks and silence

my own health and the health of those around me

foods that nourish my body while causing no animal harm

seasons, holidays, vacations, and time spent with people I love



sparkling water

letters and emails and texts from far-away friends and family

pain, because it makes me stronger

joy, because it makes the pain worthwhile

a job that challenges me and helps other people

friends who run with me, write with me, laugh with me

social media, for helping me connect to others

toothbrushes and hairbrushes and makeup and soap

mistakes, for helping me learn

failures, for bringing me closer to success

comedians, for healing pain with laughter

baristas, for keeping the world caffeinated

journalists, for keeping the world informed

my coworkers and workplace for helping me grow and flourish and learn



sunsets and sunrises and air

the men who have loved me unconditionally, for showing me how I might love myself


my ability to travel and experience new worlds

everyone who has thanked me for sharing my story

everyone who has shared their own story

all the stories that haven’t yet been told, but will be

P.S. What are you thankful for?


Sarah Rose

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