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COVID-19 in Memes

I didn't want to write about COVID-19, but in light of recent world events it feels stupid not to address it in some small way. I am not dispersing information, disseminating rumors, inducing panic, or quelling distress. I'm not a doctor, public health official, or anyone who knows very much about most things. But what I do know is that life as we know it has come to a crashing halt, and memes provide levity. This is truly a time of creative innovation, spurred by social distancing and a lack of anything better to do. Here are some of my favorites.

Additional Memes

- General COVID-19 memes.

- Memes created after President Trump's Coronavirus press conference.

- Memes about working from home.

- Slightly offensive "boomer" memes.

- Quarantine Memes.

- 'Out damned spot': the Lady Macbeth hand-washing scene that became a Coronavirus meme.

Additional Resources

-From Snopes: Coronavirus Misinformation & Myths.

- From the Centers for Disease Control: REAL Coronavirus Information.

- From the World Health Organization: More REAL Coronavirus Information.


Sarah Rose

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