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woman in downtown San Fransisco

Places & people who have kindly featured me, my running, or my writing ❤️

- Bigger Than the Trail Video shot by Patrick Carew, January 2023

- No Excuses Real Inspiration with Scott Marshall: Episode 66 Winter 2022


- Jesse Funk, The Smart Athlete Podcast, January 2022


- The Hamilton Stone Review, Issue #45, Fall 2021 


- Eric Deeter, the Ultra Marathon Mindset Podcast, August 2021


- The Dad Pod Podcast with Corey Queen, January 2021 Parts 1, 2, and 3


- Trail Running Women Podcast, January 2021

- West Virginia unCommOn PlaCE Podcast, January 2021


- CoFoundersTown, October 2020 "COVID Brain: Why Focusing Feels So Hard Right Now"


- Moon Tide Press, April 2020 "Poet of the Month"


- Runspirited Blog, February 2020 "Overcoming disordered eating to find success in ultras"


- Bradley University Alumni Mag, Summer 2019 "After Professor Susan Brille de Ramirez"


- Strong Runner Chick Podcast, January 2019 "Sarah McMahon on 30 Days of Blogging, Feminism, and Overcoming an ED"


- The The Poetry Blog, April 2015 Poem of the Week, "Confessions"

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